VIOLATED HEROINE ULTRA!! (Version 191222) | Story Re-cap pt. 1 | Violated Heroine – Part 11

Hey there, it’s been a while~! Hope everyone is doing okay and safe and sane, and not subjecting themselves to mob-mentality or catching really bad colds, etc, etc. 2020 is great, ain’t it~?

I give you, my friends, the latest version of Violated Heroine I could find. After many weeks fa– I mean, researching into this game and how to get it to work properly for a let’s play, I’ve found what I feel is the most definitive version out there. Far as what I could find, the game hasn’t been updated in nearly a year so I feel it’s a safe bet that 191222 is the lucky number, and we’ll just have to roll with the punches and see how far we can get before some horrible glitch ruins my dream of having a satisfying monster x girl fantasy experience ;w;

I’ve been busy irl with just sorting out priorities and being mentally in the zone to do more videos with the best quality in my limited experience I can provide, it’s a hobby, not a job (at least not yet :P) so if I go on a break to binge on say, Warzone with my work buddies or have a craving to squash giant bugs with a zero-point de-atomizer while flying like a winged goddess of death, I’m probably gonna get a little distracted from the grind here on YT, oh well~.

But seriously, it’s kind of turning into the thing that just won’t die, people keep coming, I keep getting views and comments on my videos, so fuggit, let’s do some more, never a better time than now :PPP

I broke over 100 subscribers this week, so thanks for that~. Plz don’t leave me because this is all I came up with while away, gahh! (Okay it’s fine, do what you want– but seriously, don’t leave– ;w;)

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Iiiiiiiiiiiiiif you do happen to like my content (whatever it is, I don’t flippin’ know @.@) then SUBSCRIBE you insane boob! Doing this was refreshing and felt like a me-thing not a need-to-do-or-starve thing, so I’mma keep doing it and here you go, random 2-hour video for anyone interested in keeping up with my shenanigans~. I respond to comments too, even bad ones, not really an overwhelming task right now, so HMU if you dare to poke the ero-nerd about his life choices

Anywho, I’m just speeding through the stuff we already covered, sharing some secret bits I found out about we missed first time through, and by next episode we should be fully caught up to where we left off in sad-town (which is totally thrown off it’s groove because of weird mp3 replacement audio -____-) and hopefully NO BUGS because that’s discouraging after so many hours into the game ;w;

Oh and CATS …they’re a thing now x’D

Above is a link to where I found version 191222, can’t endorse the website or mega for any bugs/viruses, but my system seems to be fine so use caution since I personally always find these sorts of things a touch sketchy, enjoy~!


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