[UE4 Tech Demo]-03 Hatashiai – Realistic Samurai Sword Fighting Game – Shinkage-Ryu VS Jigen-Ryu

Hi there, we are updating again with our first real combat demo.

This demo presents a sword combat between swordsmen from two different Ryuha (school of Kenjutsu), Shinkage-Ryu and Jigen-Ryu. Currently we are running the game in a local multiplayer manner, letting players to share a same screen (camera) and control each of the swordsman with an XBOX controller, respectively. Everything runs smoothly in 60 fps on my computer, however you may be able to see some lags in the video due to the influence of the screen recording software (Highly recommend you watch this in 1080p).

Note that the project is still in a pre-alpha status, so please be tolerant of the mesh models, the level design, as well as the animations. All those things will definitely be polished in future development.

Finally, any comment, advice or question is welcome! Hope you find it of interest~~

For more details please refer to:

Nguồn: https://sprogmenys.net/

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