The Cover Project and Universal Game Cases for Retro NES SNES N64 GBA Games

In this video I demonstrate the storage system I use for many of my NES games: Universal Game Cases UGC and printed box art covers from I show how to find them, size them in Paint, and modify the game cases for NES games. I also attempt to explain some of the advantages and disadvantages for embarking on the overwhelming task of shelving your retro games. I hope it helps!

DS Cases on They don’t have GBA slots anymore. I bought them anyway and switched the new cases with old ones from my DS collection (which did have GBA slots).

Tools and Supplies:
– 8 1/2 X 14 Legal sized Paper
– Paper Cutter
– End Trimmers (Nippers)
– Games 🙂
“Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Video Game Platform)” Games Nintendo NES SNES N64 N Complex NESComplex Cover Project Universal Game Cases GBA Game Boy Advance “Game Boy Advance (Video Game Platform)” Retro Gaming Collecting Storage Shelving


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