Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii) – All Perfects (60 fps)

This is my video compilation of every game perfected in Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii), playing on my wii-u. This is the third game of the Rhythm Heaven series.

This is personally my favorite rhythm heaven game, with my favorite games, and by far (IMO) the best remixes out of the entire series.

I highly recommend listening with headphones for the awesome bass line in all the songs!

I play on the English version since getting a Japanese copy would be pretty stupidly expensive, and I honestly think they did a fantastic job with the english localization (unlike DS). I like most of the english cues more, and the english vocals are pretty amazing (though I still do prefer the japanese vocals a bit). The actual gameplay and songs (vocals aside) are all the same though so it doesn’t really matter.

A perfect consists of not missing any inputs in any given game. The input themselves don’t have to be perfect, as long as they aren’t outright misses. Failing a perfect attempt is indicated by the P in the upper-left corner disappearing and a failure sound effect.

After getting a gold medal on a stage, eventually the game gives you 3 chances to get a perfect on that specific stage. Doing a no-miss run of a stage outside of this window of opportunity does not count as a perfect. If you fail all 3 attempts, you have to wait until the game gives you another chance for that stage. Though, if you gold medal every stage, the game will always provide some perfect opportunity no matter what, which is convenient.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for my sanity) the Rhythm Heaven series doesn’t really track score until Megamix, so doing an “all perfect” video is the closest to a real score attack one can get in this game…

Fun fact – The stages I had the most trouble perfecting was Remix 8…

Favorite Remix – Remix 9

Favorite Game – Flipper Flopppppppppp

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