Part 2: The Cover Project and Universal Game Cases: Retro NES SNES N64 GBA Genesis Games

In this update video I demonstrate the storage system I use for many of my NES games: Universal Game Cases UGC and printed box art covers from I show how to print them from PowerPoint, and modify the game cases for NES games using a multi tool. I also address using DS Cases for GBA games and the problem with doing this if you live outside the states. If you know of any websites abroad, let me know and I’ll add them to the description! I hope it helps!

Websites that Ship Internationally:

Racket Boy

Game Seek (sometimes they have them)

The Cover Project

Cover Project Forums

Media Shelving

DS Cases on They don’t have GBA slots anymore. I bought them anyway and switched the new cases with old ones from my DS collection (which did have GBA slots).

Nintendo Website:


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