PARANOID OLD PC GAME By The Bit Bucket Brothers 30 LEVELS

Paranoid is a game in the style of Arkanoid, where the player must hit a ball against a wall of bricks, to destroy them. It runs on an IBM PC compatible, originally under MS-DOS, but in these modern times, also under Window 3.x, Window 95, Windows NT, and probably Windows 98 and 2000 too. It is shareware, i.e., you are encouraged to download and run it for evaluation purposes. If you decide to keep using it after a 30-day evaluation period, you are required to purchase a licence. See the documentation in the ZIP file below for more details. Registering your copy also means we will send you an enhanced version of the game, and more levels, and a level designer for you to create your own levels.

The creators of Paranoid are Ben and Tom North. Collectively, they are The Bit Bucket Brothers. They wrote Paranoid back in 1992, as something to do in a holiday from University (for Ben) and school (for Tom). They always meant to write some more great games, but never quite got round to it. Since Ben and Tom are now both at University, Paranoid registrations and queries are being nobly fielded by their father, Rick North. The contact address remains as given in the documentation in the ZIP file.

If you have questions or comments regarding Paranoid, please get in touch with Ben North by e-mail at


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