MULAN ft. Sarah Sterling (Drunk Disney #18)

Sarah Sterling joins James, Chelsea and Dave for 1998’s Mulan, Disney’s 36th animated feature.

Is Mushu actually helpful? Is Shang a little bicurious because of Mulan’s crossdressing? And just how awesome can a Disney song be? (answer: very)

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Things We Drank To on this episode of Drunk Disney:
1) Walt
2) Little Brother
3) Drum machines
4) The Wu Shang Clan
5) Shang
6) Yao
7) Homoerotica
8) Sad Shang / being aroused by Shang’s tears
9) Mushu being unhelpful / the worst
10) Sponge baths
11) Mushu
12) The Power of Women
13) Granny and Shang

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Clips and/or audio used from:
Mulan, copyright 1998 Walt Disney Productions
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (s06e13/14)

Image of Shang in thumbnail by Asj Johnson:

“Budsbursting 2.0” by Podington Bear

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