How to Become a Professional Games Tester | Cosmin Burescu Interview

For many, the idea of being a video games tester is a dream job. But what actually goes into becoming a games tester and what skills (beyond your keyboard and joypad skills) must you demonstrate in order to succeed in the industry. I was lucky to talk to Cosmin Burescu, who is one of the many testers working at Ubisoft, about getting into the industry and how to rise through the game testing ranks in this dream job.

Questions included:

– What brought you to where you are now?
– What tools do game testers use?
– What is the most fun aspect of your job?
– What is the worst aspect of your job?
– What is the strangest or most amusing bug you ever discovered?
– How many games have you tested and which were the most difficult?
– How would someone get a job as a video games tester, and what other skills can you bring to the table?
– What are the most important personal qualities of a good game tester?
– Where can a career in game testing lead?
– What does the future hold for Cosmin Burescu?

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