HERCULES ft. Liann Kaye (Drunk Disney #23)

Liann Kaye joins James, Chelsea and Dave for 1997’s Hercules, Disney’s 35th animated feature.

What powers do Greek gods have? How did Scar end up in Ancient Greece? And just how many nipples are in this movie, anyway?

See how to make this week’s drink the Grape Long Island in Drunk Disney Libation Studios:

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Things We Drank To on this episode of Drunk Disney:
1) Walt
2) Sassy women that don’t need no man
3) Destiny’s Child
4) 11th place
5) Ass faces
6) Megara
7) My dream girls
8) The long Grecian islands
9) Danny Zuko (and Sandy)
10) Misandry
11) Maglets (a word we just made up)
12) Men with receding hairlines who just shave it off and look sexy
13) Phil’s boy

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Hercules, copyright 1997 Walt Disney Productions
Ricky Martin, copyright mid-late 90s

“Budsbursting 2.0” by Podington Bear

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Drunk Disney #23: Hercules

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