Drunk-cules – "Hercules" Drinking Game

Each week on Thirsty Thursday we will pick a movie and come up with a drinking game for said film. Then! We will tell you the rules and proceed to show you the highlights of us playing the game ourselves! Try this at home, kids!

This week’s movie is: Hercules

1. Herc talks about belonging.
2. Phil hazes Hercules.
3. A pun is made.
4. Meg sways dem sassy hips.
5. Any sexual innuendo.
6. Hades loses his temper.
7. A riff is heard in a song.
8. Pegasus is disapproving.
9. Someone touches an eyeball.
10. Dramatic screaming of “NOOOOO”.

Bonus: Finish your drink whenever THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER

Nguồn: https://sprogmenys.net/

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