Collecting Tips: Universal Game Cases & How to Fit NES Games

If you ever wanted to take your game collecting to the next level, then you need to get your hands on these.

Universal Game Cases can be bought from a multitude of online stores, but here’s a few good ones.
– The Video Store Shopper (100 cases for $69 or 50 cases for $40)

– Media Shelving (100 cases for $69)

For replacement covers, check out The Cover Project.

Amazon Affiliate links to the tools used in the video:
– 15″ Metal ruler with Cork Backing:
– X-Acto Precision Knife with Safety Cap:
– Fiskars Rotary Cutting Set:
(I bought this set in order to do some sewing projects, but you could also use the pieces of this set to cut the covers without the need for a metal ruler or a precision knife. I just find it easier to use the setup showcased in the video. If you just need a cutting mat, then I suggest the following link).
– Self-Healing Cutting Mat (24″ x 18″):
– Dremel 200-1 Rotary Tool Kit:
– Dremel Grinding Stone:
– Flush Wire Cutter:


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