BIGBANG — Let's Not Fall in Love (MV) | REACTION

Oh so soft, oh so pretty. This was a great hair time for these boys, GD’s peach hair being my favorite. I’d love to spend a day like this. Too bad I’m #foreveralone 😂

Thanks for watching!

xxx. Laney






How old are you?
International age, 24.

Where do you live?
I currently reside in Southern California.

Why Korean?
I’d love to teach English in a foreign country because language fascinates me. South Korea has taken that number one spot from Japan, so I hope to be able to teach there someday and knowing Korean would definitely help! There’s also quite a large population of Korean-Americans where I live, so it’s perfect for practicing!

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BIGBANG — “We Like 2 Party” Instrumental
BIGBANG — “우리 사랑하지 말아요 (Let’s Not Fall in Love)”

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